Table 87 Pizza

Real Coal Oven New York Pizza

New York is home to a lot of beautiful things: Lady Liberty, the Empire State Building, Beyoncé and the gleam of a coal fired oven filled with bubbling cheese thin crust pizzas after a late night. Although the ratio of slice joints in the city seems to be two per every New Yorker, only a few actually do it right. Table 87 does it right with the help of a coal oven, house-made mozzarella and tomatoes. Whether you order a full pie or just a slice to go, each crispy bite features a sufficiently charred crust and a drizzle of olive oil just like a true coal fired pizza should.

The true NY slice has gone nationwide! Share that beautiful trifecta of crust, tomato and cheese with family and friends—that is, if you’re some kind of weird pizza sharer…

Thrillist named Table 87 as one of NYC's best pizzerias under the radar. Table 87 has been visited by Michael Shannon, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn.