• Authentic Brooklyn coal fired pizza

    Taste the real deal for yourself and get the delicious, hand crafted pizza that everybody is raving about delivered to your door. Get nationwide shipping on Goldbelly.

Visit one of our Brooklyn restaurants

  • Brooklyn Heights

    87 Atlantic Ave
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Gowanus

    473 3rd Ave
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Industry City

    238 36th St
    Brooklyn, NY

Featured in

  • “Table 87 takes delivery to a whole new level. Not only can Brooklyn residents receive at-home rations of coal oven pizza by the slice, anyone in the United States can snag a taste, thanks to nationwide shipping”

  • “Brooklyn-based Table 87 (“Home of the Coal Oven Slice”) has hacked frozen pizza in a way that caters to those who might live alone, don’t cook, don’t order out, want good pizza, and don’t want to make an entire frozen pizza for themselves. ”

  • “The margherita shines with good basil, mozzarella packing a proper dairy punch, and floral tomatoes. ”

  • “According to [Emily] Blunt, the best pizza she’s ever had in New York City can be found in Brooklyn, at Table 87.”

  • “When you're craving New York-style pizza but the closest you're getting to a coal-fired oven is your nearby Chuck E. Cheese, don't despair: You can get Table 87 shipped anywhere. ”

  • “Proud to be the first pizzeria in Brooklyn to offer coal-oven pizza by the slice, Table 87 takes its toppings just as seriously as its crackly, coal-fired crust.”

  • “The Pizzas We Liked Best: Table 87's crust has a stronger tang (that's a good thing for NY-style pizza)”

  • “This Table 87 Pizza Coal Oven Margherita Pizza includes a crispy crust that's slightly charred, a tangy San Marzano tomato sauce, house-made mozzarella, fresh basil, and a drizzle of olive oil.”

  • “It's As New York As It Gets, You Don't Need A Coal Oven To Make It, It'll Put You In A 'Pizza State Of Mind'”


  • “Seriously delicious frozen margherita pizza from the legendary Brooklyn restaurant Table 87. Living in another state shouldn't stop you from enjoying a classic New York slice.”

  • “Picture walking into a cozy pizzeria in the heart of Brooklyn and ordering the simplest thing on the menu, and this scrumptious slice is exactly what you'll get.”

  • “The flavor profile on the huge triangle is solid: fantastically gooey cheese with a punch of salt, fresh sprigs of basil, and a pizzeria-caliber sauce that strikes the balance between acidic and sweet.”