6 Pies - Coal Oven Pepperoni Pizza Pie 10"

Table 87

Coal Oven Pepperoni Pizza Pie 10"

Our coal fired Pepperoni Pizzas feature a crispy crust that’s slightly charred, our signature house-made tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, sprinkled grana cheese and generously topped with the best Pepperoni on the market– Hormel's Rosa Grande. The cupping, and charring is signature to this style of pepperoni and we're excited to present our newest creation. 

Our Coal Fired Pepperoni Pizza pies are 10" and each pie serves 2 people

You can choose the quantity you wish to receive (4 pies or 6 pies). 

Use and Care  

Pizzas are made-to-order and promptly frozen. Although each box is carefully packed with dry ice and picked up for immediate shipment, it is normal for the pizza and ice packs to partially or fully thaw during shipment. Upon receipt, please cook, or place in the freezer.

You can store them in the freezer for up to 9 months in their original packaging.

Detailed storage & heating instructions are included with each package.


Shipping Policy

We only ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If an order is placed after 11am, it will ship the next available shipping day. 

If you need more information, please refer to our shipping policy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Samy Zoghbi
fuckin crazy pizza

god damn amazing have you tried it? my goodness, please dont ever sacrifice quality i will cry deep sad tears and not buy anymore. going to buy ANOTHA PACK. GOD DAMN ITS GOOD

Christine Andres

Pizza arrived perfect! We have enjoyed everyone! Thank you!

Pricey, but so good!

My husband and I moved from the tri state to the west coast, and we can’t get good pizza here, this has been a great fill in! They’re a little expensive and I wish the pies were a little bigger, but they’re delicious and worth it!

Table 87 lover

I might be from Chicago a table 87 pizza is the best

Michael Pawlick
I never leave reviews

Not just one of the best frozen pizzas I've ever had - DEFInitTELY one of the best pizzas I've had, no doubt.